【Hokkaido Spa Resort Hotel TSURUGA GROUP】
※Important Notice※First of all, please let us express our heartfelt condolences to all of you who have also been affected by the earthquake in the eastern part of Hokkaido(北海道胆振東部) on September 6, 2018.
Hokkaido Tsuruga Group Hotels were safe and sound after the early morning earthquake on September 6, with no facilities damaged or casualties. Water, Meals, electricity and hot spring facilities have been fully restored, and open as usual.
Second, we would like to express my thanks to the condolences and guests who came after the earthquake. Thank you for your concern and support.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Hokkaido.

Lake Saroma Tsuruga Resort

Lake Saroma, which faces the Sea of Okhotsk and its winter sea ice, is the largest lake in Hokkaido-the land of forests and lakes. Fondly known by locals as Saroman Blue, the beautiful cobalt waters of Lake Saroma are complemented perfectly at dusk by arguably Japan’s best sunsets, which are tinted in hues of orange. Lake Saroma Tsuruga Resort is a lakeside resort perfectly situated amidst magnificent natural beauty where guests can escape from time. The resort is also located nearby the Wakka Wildflower Garden, which is Japan’s largest seashore grassland and designated by the Government of Hokkaido as a cultural heritage site, and Tokoro Ruins, which represents the largest ruins of Okhotsk culture. Join us to discover the picture perfect ocean and wetland views, cultural experiences and lush natural surroundings in what has been referred to as “perhaps the best place on earth when the Okhotsk people once lived here” by prominent Japanese historical author Ryotaro Shiba.

Lake Shikotsu Tsuruga Besso Ao no Za

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